Oil Varnish Oil Varnish

Oil varnish is a protective finish for wood and other materials that when properly applied dries to an invisible, durable, glossy finish.

How to Apply Oil Varnish

  • Use oil varnish in a clean and dust free environment to maintain a smooth finish
  • Work in a properly ventilated area
  • Prepare the surface to be protected with oil varnish by cleaning and/or dusting as necessary
  • Apply oil varnish by brush or wipe on with a rag
  • Clean your materials with thinner or other solvent
  • Dispose of unused oil varnish and application materials as instructed by the manufacturer

After application you must allow time for the oil varnish to dry and cure. Oil varnish is comprised of substances which include a drying oil, resin and solvent. The oil varnish dries through evaporation of the solvent and leaves behind the oil and resin to create the hard protective finish.

Oil Varnish may be obtained at most hardware, home centers and lumber yards, and is often the protective finish of choice for most finish carpenters because of its durability and luster.


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