Oil vs Latex Fence Stains

When it comes to fence stain, the type of stain you use depends on the style of your fence and what staining material best suits your preference. Whether using an oil stain or a latex stain, protecting your fence from the elements will ensure that it doesn't turn to the worn gray color.

Oil Stains

Oil stains today are made to be 100% petroleum free with no traces of heavy compounds or strong odors. Because of safety concerns, the move to make oil stains safer have led to the stains being able to be used indoors and outdoors for your wood staining needs. Some makers of oil stains use natural substances such as vegetable ester solvents and plant based resins. Oil stains today, unlike oil stains of the past, are safe to use around children and animals without compromising effectiveness.

Latex Stains

Latex stains are acrylic and excellent for maintaining the natural color of wood. This type stain can be applied to hard or soft woods without damaging the finish. When properly applied to bare wood finishes, latex stains effectively seal the wood and resist lap marks. Latex stain is good for interior trim, cabinetry and doors of your home.