Old Fashioned Rooftop Deck Designs Old Fashioned Rooftop Deck Designs

A rooftop deck is an ideal place for a homeowner to enjoy dinner with family, friends and relatives. It is also a great spot to lounge around during a lazy, breezy afternoon. Rooftop decks can be accentuated by comfortable chairs with attractive, brilliant pillows that provide just the right seats to guests. Comfy chairs and pillows also make any rooftop deck more colorful.

It is not surprising that many homeowners opt to have a rooftop deck in their homes, with the many uses of a rooftop deck. While there are numerous radical designs for rooftop decks that have emerged in recent years, there are also those tried-and-tested, old fashioned rooftop deck designs that have been fixtures of most houses and buildings for some time now.

Green Rooftop Decks

Lush rooftop gardens are often developed and nurtured in dense urban cities around the world such as New York. These green rooftop decks serve as an oasis amidst the busy, urban life around them. Traditionally, downtown buildings like hotels feature this type of rooftop deck design. Vegetation such as trees, plants and flowers dot this type of rooftop deck, providing a respite for any individual. Colorful plants and herbs accentuate this garden-type of deck; some even have plants and flowers in colorful containers, scattering them around the deck for a more attractive design.

While most green rooftop decks are limited to private areas, there are also a good number of designs open to the private, or semi-private; this is due to the increasing awareness on environmental protection, with more businesses and residences becoming more conscious of building a greener, eco-friendly rooftop deck.

Rustic Rooftop Decks

Rustic rooftop deck designs are those which suggest a rural feel and look that indicates a sharp contrast to the cosmopolitan setting most buildings and houses possess. Some of the more usual characteristics of rustic rooftop decks include crackling wild grass, wood and concrete surfaces and structures with a weather-beaten look and rusted metal. These treatments impart the rooftop deck with style and intimacy as well as a wonderful contrast with a marvelous city skyline.

Rustic rooftop deck designs have also evolved in the past couple of years to include garden elements such as ponds, fountains and trellises. This makes the design look timeless, providing a comfortable rusticated and relaxing retreat especially to city dwellers who are tired of their cosmopolitan life. Some even design their rooftop decks to look like an aged warehouse by putting materials like bronze, teal, zinc and steel.

These are just two of the more traditional rooftop deck designs that have caught the fancy of many homeowners and building owners in the past decades. While many new radical designs have been introduced, expect these old fashioned rooftop deck designs to remain as top choices by people anywhere in the world.

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