On a Budget: Use Prefab Concrete Steps

There are several reasons why you should use prefab concrete steps, also known as precast steps, when you are building outdoor areas. These steps are made to last, so you can get the best from your installation. If you are on a budget, then using prefab concrete steps can save you time and money.  Also,you will be able to place them yourself rather than having someone else fit them. You will usually find that a set of prefab concrete steps will come from the makers in batches of 7, suitable to use for garden steps or for patio stairs.


The best reason to install prefab concrete steps is the cost effectiveness of the installation. Prefab concrete steps are durable and installed quickly, so they last for a long time. In addition, your budget can go further with prefab steps as you can have them made in a range of attractive and quirky colors and designs. While the prefab steps come in sets, you will be able to make choices concerning the height of the risers, so one set should suit you very well.

Easy Installation

Another good reason to install the prefab concrete steps is that they are very easy to fit and manipulate. As the steps are ready-made, you will not need to pour and set concrete slabs, so you will not need to worry about getting concrete quantities right, or perfectly pouring your slabs. This is already done for you. You can also get a suitable finish for your steps without having to spend a long time concentrating upon getting the levels correct. The sets also allow you to quickly install the steps, rather than having to build wooden steps or add concrete. They also require no foundations, making them easier to fit as you won't have to dig a hole, add concrete and wait for it to settle.

Useful Steps

The prefabricated concrete steps are suitable for use around the outdoors of homes. They are much lighter than the concrete steps poured from scratch, meaning that you can position them where you please without needing a lot of additional supports. You can also easily move them around if they happen to shift to the side, so you won't have to redo everything once the installation starts. These steps are typically made more solid using metal rods which are placed in the frame of the steps, so you have a hard wearing, but lightweight step.

Buying Prefab Concrete Steps

Before you make your purchase, you will need to check the building code in your area to make sure that you can add concrete steps. You should then measure the area where you want the steps to go and use a calculator to work out the number of steps that you will need. You should then look at companies which offer to sell the steps and look for ones that either offer free installation or that can help you to install the steps yourself.