Online Wholesale Pet Supplies

If you have a lot of pets, you can see considerable savings by buying wholesale pet supplies.  For instance, with a pet rescue operation on your property, buying pet supplies wholesale makes a lot of sense.  With so many to choose from, what online wholesalers are the best for purchasing pet supplies? What should you look for when choosing an online source?


Some online wholesalers require you to purchase a minimum amount. If this is the case, be sure to only buy the items that you will be able to use before they spoil or go bad.  In some cases, the minimum requirements may be relatively low or the requirement may be that you must purchase a certain dollar amount. Be mindful of this requirement while searching the Internet.

Retail Business Only

Something else to keep in mind is that some Internet wholesalers may only allow you to purchase from them if you are a business that will sell their items.  You may have to keep searching, if you want the items for your own personal pets. If you run an animal rescue, although you are not selling the items, you still may qualify. Contact the Internet wholesale pet supply source and ask if they have any special rules for animal rescues. Wholesalers that sell to retail businesses only will require that you provide them with a copy of your business license and a valid form of photo ID such, as a driver’s license, before they will allow you to make a purchase from them.

Top Online Retailers

There are many sites to choose from online, depending on what you are looking for and your needs. One site,, does require you to set up an account with them and will only sell to pet retailers.  They require that you provide them with a copy of your valid tax resale ID either via fax or regular mail. They offer a wide variety of products to choose from dog and cat products to equine and reptile products. is another wonderful website that you can utilize for your wholesale pet supply needs.  They do ask you to start an account with them, but will not require a tax resale ID. They offer deep discounts to pet care professionals and pet owners nationwide. They also feature an outlet store where you can purchase discontinued items at even better prices. There are benefits when you register with them, such as being able to save your past orders so you can easily reorder any item with a quick click of the mouse. You can also store your billing information on their secure server to make buying with them easy and efficient.

No matter where you choose to buy from, finding online wholesale pet supplies is easy to do with a quick search of the Internet. Make sure that the company you are ordering from meets your needs and make sure they do not charge an exorbitant amount for processing.  Otherwise you will not find yourself saving much at all.