Opening Your Own Lawn Care Business Opening Your Own Lawn Care Business

A lawn care business will succeed in any economical situation as grass still grows and therefore, people will require your services. A lawn care business also has the added benefit that it can be a year round business in that a well maintained lawn will still need to be attended to regardless of the season. 

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Starting Your Business

To start a lawn care business you will first need to consider who your anticipated clientele will be, what services you intend to offer, what tools you will need, how often are you prepared to work and how much will you charge for your work. You will also need to consider how you plan to advertise you services. 


Deciding who your clientele will be should inevitably enable you to calculate how you foresee your business progressing. Are you planning to start will small gardens which will require maintaining or are you planning to move into the landscaping business where one garden is an entire project?  

Tools and Costs

Once you are certain who you are planning to offer your lawn care business service to, you can then start to ensure that you have the relevant tools. 

A lawn care business can be started small with only a few tools. For instance, the bigger tools that you will need are a walk-behind lawn mower, a lawn trimmer and a truck for transporting these tools if you have a wide area of clients. There are also smaller tools that you will need and these should include a rake, gardening shears, gardening gloves, a pruning knife and any fertilizer or weed killer that you plan on incorporating into your business. 


Be realistic with your time and commitments. Lawn care can be incredibly time consuming so you need to evaluate how long a certain job will take and how long it will take you to get to your next job. 

Your lawn care business will also have an element of office paperwork attached to it. This will include invoicing and accounting. You will also need to factor in all external commitments such as your family and friends or planned holidays. Work out a schedule of when you can and can’t work and try to ensure that you have some time for yourself. 


It is important to charge a fair price for your work. The key element here for a successful lawn care business is research. Carry out research into who your competitors are, what they offer and what they charge. Also when it comes to setting your price think about what you would be prepared to be paid for the work. 


It is important to advertise your lawn care business. What is your pitch? Will you be using organic products such as fertilizer and mulch that you have made yourself or are you offering cost effective lawn care? If your business is on the cheaper side, how are you able to offer excellent lawn care for so cheaply? 

Once all of these considerations have been written down, it is always advisable to draw up a full business plan which you can discuss with your bank manager when setting up an individual account for your business requirements.

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