Operating Drywall Lifts Safely Operating Drywall Lifts Safely

What You'll Need
Owner's manual

Drywall lifts reduce the amount of effort required to install drywall boards. The lift must be properly assembled in order for it to operate safely.

Step 1 – Securing the Lift Legs

Read all of the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the lift before you begin. Pull out all of the lift legs until they click into position. The safety pin will lock each leg. Inspect all of the legs to be sure they are properly locked.

Step 2 - Securing the Lift Mast

Secure the mast to the base of the lift. The mast will lock into place. Inspect both parts to be sure that they are secure before you use the lift.

Step 3 – Securing the Lift Cradle

Secure the cradle to the mast. The cradle will lock into place. Inspect the spring-loaded safety pins of the cradle and the mast to be sure that they are all secured in order to avoid any accidental injury.

Step 4 – Inspecting the Lift Cable

Crank the winch to unwind the cable. Inspect all of the cable and check for any damage. Wind the cable back onto the winch.

Step 5 – Positioning the Drywall

Position the cradle so that the support hooks face downward. Place one drywall board onto the cradle. The paper side should face the lift. Crank the handle to lift and properly position the board.

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