Options for Driveway Paving Materials

Homeowners and others who want to improve their driveways or outdoor access areas of their property have a variety of options. Skilled professionals provide various materials and techniques for driveway paving or improving any other part of a lot. Patios, walkways and other areas can benefit from the efficient application of some of these common paving choices. Each type of paving comes with its own unique benefits and advantages, and it’s a good idea to give careful thought to what will be a very permanent part of a property.


Concrete provides a durable result for driveways, carports and other exterior spaces. Cost can be a factor in choosing a concrete design, partially because of the demands of installation. Maintenance can also be an issue over time, but many homes rely on a concrete driveway and parking space for an organized setup for a property.


Various kinds of asphalt or macadam surfaces are another kind of solid surface for paving. Since homeowners can often maintain asphalt surfaces themselves, these kinds of paving choices can offer some cost reduction over other options.


Some kinds of pavers are a relatively new option on the market, but using this kind of paving method goes back to ancient times. Modern brick or stone pavers are pre-cut, manufactured items that provide a standard size and shape. It’s generally easy to fit these items together to provide a relatively smooth surface. Proper installation is a must with pavers, including laying a good solid foundation below the bricks or pavers to minimize settling over time.

Gravel and Aggregate Materials

When it comes to paving, some households opt for loose materials like gravel or crushed stone. Aggregate materials for pacing are relatively easy to install and cheap. However, over time, the aggregate material can scatter into adjacent yard areas or get stuck in tires. Aggregate materials can also wash out of spaces affected by a lot of storm water runoff. Look at the storm water vulnerability of a specific property to see if aggregate material paving is viable.

Tar and Chip

This paving option can be a cheap and attractive alternative to asphalt. In tar and chip paving, small stones are imbedded in a tar layer for a surface that can present variable smoothness. In some tar and chip driveways, a rougher surface provides traction for winter weather. However, those who choose this option should make sure they can get their desired level of smoothness from the contractor who will mix the tar and chip surface. Otherwise, jagged or protruding stones can present a hazard or a nuisance.

All of these options are generally available for paving a driveway or other property space. When choosing materials, households should think about the specific functionality they need from a surface. Homes in more temperate areas may need more winter weather compatibility. Areas like patios will not need the same specific features of a parking space. Making detailed and informed choices about paving will give inhabitants of a property a more convenient result and add value to a home or other property.