Orbital Sanders vs Sheet Sanders

If you need to sand some wood, then you may be unsure whether to use orbital sanders or sheet sanders for the task. There are advantages to using the orbital sander in some situations, and advantages to using the sheet sander in others. Deciding whether to use the orbital sanders or sheet sanders for a particular job can be very tricky.

Using Orbital Sanders

You can use orbital sanders when you want to remove a rough surface quickly. As they never stop moving, they can run over the surface of wood very quickly, meaning that they are better suited to small projects. In addition, they are not likely to leave large marks on the project. On the downside, they are expensive, and you find it hard to sand corners. They may also leave small grooves in your wood if you are not careful.

Using Sheet Sanders

The main advantage which a sheet sander has over orbital sanders is the cost. The sander itself is cheaper, and the paper for the bottom is also less expensive. You can also control the sheet sander better when smoothing down edges. However, as they use a sanding pattern, they are more likely to leave clear sanding marks on the project.