Organic Fertilizer For Composting Process- Blood Meal

Out of all the different organic fertilizer options for composting, blood meal is arguably the best.  It not only has excellent nutritional value, but also has the ability to encourage the composting process.

Introducing Blood Meal

Blood meal is like it sounds, consisting of dried blood and other organic material.  Blood meal is a high-nitrogen derivative.

Benefits of Blood Meal

The main benefit of blood meal is nitrogen.  When blood meal is made properly, it has a nitrogen content of around 13%.  Particularly good blood meal batches might push 14%, but in almost all cases you will find that it has a concentration of at least 12%.  This makes blood meal by far the best source of nitrogen out of all of the natural fertilizer products that are currently available. Organic fertilizers that can provide nitrogen are highly valuable in the farming process.

It is also a great source of both calcium and phosphorus.  Plants need nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus to live.  Blood meal is close to the top of the list in value because of the high amount of nitrogen combined with generous levels of both phosphorus and calcium.

Blood Meal and Compost

Compost can be helped by blood meal because of the high nitrogen content.  The nitrogen is fed into the soil when blood meal is mixed in.  That in turn allows the microorganisms that are living in the soil to gorge themselves on nitrogen, growing and multiplying in greater numbers because of the abundance of nutrients that exist for them to eat.  When there are more decomposers in the pile, the compost process goes faster. The speed will also pick up, allowing you to create excellent quality soil from your compost heap on a regular basis through the use of blood meal organic fertilizer.

The nitrogen is really the secret.  That is why blood meal is the best organic fertilizer for the composting process.  Other fertilizers can do reasonably well, but at the end of the day you want blood meal for your compost heap.