Organic Fertilizer for Root Growth- Mycorrhizal Fungi

Of all the organic fertilizer options available to you, mycorrhizal fungi might be the one that you’ve never heard of before. It is one of the most important, however, particularly for the purposes of root growth.

Introducing Mycorrhizal Fungi

There are many procedures in nature that are carried out by a fungus or fungi. The one that mycorrhizal fungi are responsible for is a symbiotic relationship that pairs them up with a plant and allows them to feed off the plant, while at the same time making the plant stronger.

This is an evolutionary process that has been going on for millions of years. In its present form, it has developed to the point where the fungi are responsible for passing nutrients onto the roots of the plant while at the same time extracting carbohydrates from the plants. 

The fungi use the carbohydrates to survive while allowing plants to adapt to an environment, allowing them to get the nutrients that they need.

Plants Helped by Mycorrhizal Fungi

These fungi have the ability to help all the different plants in your garden. Fungi fertilizer is universally applicable to any type of vegetation that could be found in your garden.  Evolution has dictated the importance of these fungi across the plant kingdom, so in essence you are putting a natural kick start into your plants when you use this type of organic fertilizer.

The plants that are helped most by these fungi are the ones that have problems with their root structures. The primary function of these fungi is to set up colonies on the root system and then accelerate the propagation of nutrients and water into the root structure of the plant. The roots get healthier and the plant becomes much better suited to surviving in that particular environment. The weaker the root structure is at the start, the bigger the benefit of using the fungi. 

Adaptation to the Environment

You can also use fungi to create new environments for plants that could not previously survive in them. If you have species that you’d like to adapt to your particular soil environment, make sure you liberally add this fertilizer.  The fungi will attach to the root structure and accelerate the rate of intake of nutrients and water by the plant. Even in the most arid conditions, this type of fertilizer can still work wonders for plants that are not used to those environmental conditions.