Organic Paint Organic Paint

Organic paint is made from natural substances found from the earth. There are no chemicals or toxins found in organic paint. Materials such as water, plant dyes, plant oils and resins, clay, chalk, talcum, milk, bees wax, natural latex, are used to create organic paint.

The Different Brands of Organic Paint

• The Real Milk Company
• Aglaia
• Livos
• Auro
• EcoDesign’s Bio Brand
• SovGuard
• Silacote
• Anna Sova
• Green Planet Paints

Why Is Organic Paint Better?

Organic paint is better for many reasons. The main purpose of the paint is to protect out health and the environment. The non toxic paints are better for our homes and can reduce the allergens we suffer from chemical based paints in the home.

The environment is given a relief from toxic fumes by using organic paint. The chemical based paints create dangerous fumes and can make people as well as the planet sick. Organic paint is just a healthier version of the paints we have grown accustomed to.


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