Organic Pest Control for Termites

Organic pest control is a safe and non-chemical way of ridding your home and garden of insects and unwanted small creatures. Some pests are actually unfairly named because, technically, they are actually quite good for our gardens.


Termites, for example burrow into the soil and aerate it. As they burrow, they eat and digest the soil and what they pass out is a vitally important component to organic composting. Termite mounds are highly fertile for the ground when they are stamped down and mixed into the soil, owing to their richness in minerals. If you do have a termite over run, however and you need to dispense with them and thin them out, you can use organic methods of control.


The best form of attack is defense. You do not necessarily need any form of harmful control over termites. If your plants and vegetation are being attacked by termites you might first try examining your soil. Fungus growing termites tend to eat dead plant matter. Therefore, if your soil is low in organic content they will attack living vegetation instead. Make sure you lay a heavy organic compost mixture on your top soil to eliminate the termites need to feed elsewhere.


Try crop rotation by planting different crops in different spots every season. If you have, for example, 4 different beds for, say, carrots, cabbages, peas and potatoes, move them around. When you harvest your potatoes and carrots, plant the carrots where the potatoes were and carrots where the peas were. It not only prevents pest build up but it also allows the soil to self repair and replace the nutrients.


Plant health is vital to ward off attacks from termites. If you have weak, dry, unhealthy crops and plants, this will make them an excellent target for termites. It’s like the bullying of the plant world. The weaker life form gets picked on by the stronger ones so, keep all your crops and vegetation well-watered and healthy.

Use Magnets

Magnets? Yep. You will be surprised to know that some termites actually build their termite mounds in a North to South direction. By placing a bar magnet to break the polarity you will confuse their sense of direction and prevent them from knowing where to build in that nearby vicinity.

Nests and Colonies

This might seem cruel to some but where termites are truly destroying your crops are garden and they are totally over running your property it might be better to opt for complete demolition. Like bee hives, termites have a Queen and so you will need to break the mound down completely and remove the Queen termite and discourage the re-growth of the termite community.


You can also use organic methods to encourage other species into your garden. Some of these species are natural predators to the termite population. Frogs, toads, ants, wasps, flies and such are all perfect for termite control. Creating a pond in your garden is absolutely ideal for attracting frogs and toads as well as flies. If you build a pond and attract these forms of wild life you will also see a growth in other wildlife like pond skaters.