Organic Vegetable Gardening With Pesticides Organic Vegetable Gardening With Pesticides

Organic vegetable gardening is susceptible to destructive insects, weeds and other obstructions. These can be discouraged from entering your garden with the help of organic pesticides. Organic pesticides are less harmful and do not contain toxins like chemical pesticides. Most organic pesticides would contain one or more of these qualities: 


Pesticides contain strong smelling substances like tobacco, fish, garlic, etc. to repel pests and keep them away.


Many plants contain volatile oils or natural odours that are disliked by pests. These plants are grown around the crops to keep pests away.


Heat from chillies, salt, kerosene, methylated spirits, etc. will be able to kill pests.


Natural and organic soaps and detergents when sprayed on the plants keep pests away. Do not make the mistake of spraying on plants during afternoons as it could cause the leaves to burn. Soap is better than detergent, as it does not contain enzymes, softeners, or surfactants.


Mineral, proprietary, cottonseed, and mineral oils are able to suffocate soft pests.

    An Organic Pesticide Recipe

    A popular pesticide that works effectively is a mixture made from 3 garlic bulbs, 12 hot chili peppers, 2 tablespoon vegetable oil, 5 squirts liquid detergent, and 7 cups of water. Blend all the ingredients using an electric blender and strain through a muslin cloth. Store the mixture in a spray bottle. The smell can be bad but it would dissipate quickly after being sprayed. Re-spray frequently to keep pests away. Since the homemade organic pesticide is sticky, it sticks to the plants and suffocates almost all types of pests.





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