Organization Ideas for Your Baby Nursery

Organizing your baby nursery is not as easy as you think. Most new parents think that small items can be organized without any difficulty but once you find out how many things a baby owns, you could definitely use all the help that you can get. Here are some practical ideas on how to organize your kid's baby nursery. 

Divide Clothes According to Size

Even though your baby is still very small, he or she likely already has various sizes of baby clothes, especially if you've had several baby showers. Put only the clothes that he will be using in the closet. All the other clothes that are still too big for him to use right now should be kept secured in ziplock bags and placed in a well ventilated container. Put a label on the clothes that you're going to put away so that you can easily remember to put them out when your kid has already grown a little bigger.

Hangs Things on Hooks

Hooks are very practical for this purpose. Instead of piling up clothes and other baby items in one corner, hang them on hooks behind the door so you can easily get them when you need them. Some of the things that you can hang include bibs, onesies, towels, and so on. You can use baby hangers so that the hooks won't leave a mark on your kid's baby clothes. 

Keep Dangerous Things out of Reach

When organizing the nursery, make sure to put things like medications, ointments, and other dangerous things out of your child's reach. Don't leave them lying around as your curious little one may get his or her hands on them and put them into his or her mouth. Store them away from cribs and changing tables. 

Divide Rooms into Zones

Dividing rooms into zones will make organization of things much easier. Designate sections for sleeping, playing, and changing. This way, it would be easier for you to arrange the things that you need. For instance, all the items related to sleeping and resting would go to the section where the crib is located. All the items needed for changing like diapers, diaper rash ointment, baby wipes, and so on would be placed in the changing area. With so many things that your baby owns, knowing where to find each one will make things much easier for you. However, take note that it's not a good idea to use a divider to divide the area since you don't want to lose the sight of your child on his crib when you're going to get something from the changing table area.

Use Bins and Boxes

Bins, baskets, boxes, shelves, and plastic containers would make organization of items simpler. Things like socks, diapers, receiving blankets, bibs, and burp clothes can be placed in bins. Use food containers for securing sanitized teethers, teething toys, and pacifiers. Emergency items like thermometers should be kept in a container that would be placed in an area that can easily be reached.