Best Way to Organize Your Closet Best Way to Organize Your Closet

Before beginning your organizing, you need to sort through the items in the closet. Discard, give away, sell items that you can no longer wear, that are outdated, or looking tired and faded. A general rule of thumb is that if you have not worn it in two years, then get it out of the closet. Group together blouses, slacks, jackets, etc. You can further divide them by color, casual, dressy, etc. Determine what can be folded and put into drawers. If possible, store seasonal clothing in a different closet.

Multi-level rods are frequently used to provide additional space. Bins, shelf dividers, and cubbies can be used to organize folded clothing and items such as purses and shoes. Hangers can be used for ties and belts. Jewelry should be stored in boxes. A fishing tackle box makes a great storage box with dividers. Hanging organizers can be used to keep necklaces straight. Hooks can be used for bags, umbrellas, caps, and purses to keep them readily available and visible.

You might want to investigate the closet organizer systems available at home centers. Hanging organizers provide a less expensive option to built-ins. If you are renting or move frequently, hanging organizers can easily be moved with you. Hanging organizers with clear plastic pockets provide places to put scarves, gloves, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories

By eliminating clutter and keeping your closet organized, you will be able to find what you need in a hurry. In addition, it will help you stay on top of your inventory. Always store only clean clothing in your closet. Seasonal clothing should be put away clean and stored in cloth or canvas bags so fabrics can breathe. If you do not have clothing bags, pin seasonal items up inside old sheets to protect clothing from dust and insects. Moths are attracted to human scent on soiled fabrics, particularly wool. With proper cleaning and storage, moths tend never to be a problem.

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