Organizing a Bookshelf Organizing a Bookshelf

Trying to organize your bookshelf can be a difficult task. Those who have a large amount of books will find that there is a seemingly endless amount of ways to organize them. These are a few of the easiest ways to organize your bookshelf.

By Author

Organizing your books by author is a simple approach that mimics the organization of most bookstores. Organizing by author is perfect for those who know exactly who has written all of their books, making it simple to find each piece of literature.

By Title

Organizing your books by title is a more realistic approach. Most often, people remember the title of the book. They can easily forget the author, but will remember what the book was called. Organizing your books by title will make it easy for you to find the exact book that you need.

By Genre

Organizing your bookshelf by genre is a simple way to put all of your favorite genres together. You can even organize each genre by title or author to have the most organized bookshelf possible.

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