Organizing Clutter: 4 Ways to Stick to Your Routines for a Clean House

One of the keys to keeping a tidy home is to stay on top of organizing clutter. If left unchecked, clutter will quickly spread, filling a home and making it impossible to keep rooms looking attractive and ready for company. Following a few simple routines can help to eliminate the problem of clutter in your home.

Be Ruthless

Before you can can really begin to tackle the clutter in your home you will need to free up space to ensure necessary items can be stored. There is no point in attempting to instigate and follow decluttering routines if there is no alternative space for the items causing clutter. To make space for everyday items you will need to spend some time sorting out existing unused and unwanted items. Go through closets and drawers and other storage areas and dispose of items that you do not want or use. Give good quality unwanted items to charity and recycle those that are no longer usable. Ignore sentimental feelings—if the item has been stored for a long time and not touched, it is unlikely that you have any use for it.

Tackle Clutter Danger Zones

Once space has been freed up in storage areas it is time to focus on the areas of your home where clutter builds on a daily basis. Go through the items and sort them into piles according to which room they should be in. Once the clutter danger zone is cleared take the items to their respective rooms and find a space for them. Repeat this action last thing every night to stop the build up of clutter in these areas.

Create Family Routines and Reward Household Members for Following Them

Household clutter is usually a shared responsibility. All members of a household will usually be guilty of filling up clutter danger zones as they leave things in these convenient spots. To tackle this problem, make simple routines for each member of the family. Children should have designated hooks for coats and schoolbags, as well as a storage box each in an area near the front door where items that are taken in and out of the home on a regular basis can be left. Kids should be rewarded for placing items in the right place on a regular basis. Grown ups can follow routines too—a bowl for keys, wallets and change can prevent these items from cluttering surfaces. Make it a habit to deposit items in their proper spots as soon as you arrive home. For adults the clutter-free home should be its own reward.

Treat Yourself

Everyone loves bringing new items into their home, so use this as motivation to keep your space free from clutter. For every one new item you wish to add to your interior, make a rule to dispose of two items that are outdated or unused. Doing this every time you have the urge to make a purchase will soon reduce the unnecessary items in your home, as you will be forced to carefully consider each new purchase and its place in your home.