Original Design Ideas for Mosaic Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are beautiful ornaments that can enhance any indoor space or make your garden, yard or patio a soothing, captivating, place of calm and serenity.

Wall fountains are made from a variety of materials like copper, stainless steel, slate and fiber glass, to fit with any décor. There is also a choice in the range of styles from Roman and Greek architecture motifs to modern contemporary designs. Copper, slate and stainless steel fountains can have lighting installed for a really stunning effect.

Mosaic Pebble Wall Fountains

Multi colored pebbles or stones are used to create a mosaic effect. The soothing relaxing sound of water rushing over stones makes mosaic pebble wall fountains a very popular choice. They come in various shapes, designs and sizes to suit various tastes and ambiance and they have distinguishing names to make your choice easier.                                                                                                    

The Agate

This pebble mosaic has a really dazzling effect conveyed by the beauty of the stones.    

The Rumi

This is another pebble mosaic named after the Sufi poet, Jalaluddin Rumi. It has a unique arrangement of the stones in earthy color tones of brown, black, red and grey.                                                                                                                                   

The Sumatra Red

A stone mosaic which has flat textured multicolored stones of red, orange and yellow to convey the feel of warm, far away places.

The Balinese Nights

This mosaic uses flat stones fitted tightly together in black, gray tan and charcoal colors in a sort of “crazy pavement” design.

Waikiki Beach

This particular mosaic appropriately uses various hues of sand colored stones and reminds you of all the beaches you visited.                                                                                

Lion Head Mosaic

If you like the classical style of wall fountain, the lion head is a spectacular choice. A lion’s head is set against a background of artfully set colored stones and the water gushes out of the lion’s mouth to splatter in a basin below.

Hand Painted Tile Mosaic

The hand painted tile mosaic murals blends African and Mediterranean style design in the most gorgeous of colors. Their design is unique, exotic and no two are the same. The mosaic depicts fountains, birds, and other striking fauna and flora. You can combine this type of mural with a simple water basin to create your own unique wall fountain.

Whatever type of wall fountain you choose, be sure that the wall can support it. If not, choose lighter material like fiber glass or resin rather than copper or stainless steel. Take care of the position of the wall you will be installing your fountain and how the light falls upon the water so that it will always look at its best. Feng Shui books can give you ideas where to place your fountain so that it is in perfect harmony with the surroundings.

Prices range from moderate to costly, but whatever your budget can be, a wall fountain will make your home a real sanctuary of peace.