Osmosis Water Filter Information: How It Works

An osmosis water filter is one of the most popular ways to purify water. In fact, many homes built today come with an osmosis water filter system already in place.

The Breakdown of Osmosis Water Filter Processes

The osmosis water filter was created to remove inorganic solids that have been dissolved out of water, as in tap water. The water gets pushed through the semi-permeable membranes of the filter. This filter stops the impurities and lets only water through. The extracted impurities are then flushed away.

Osmosis Water Filter Parts

  • The source, the cold water line
  • A pre-filter that traps sediment such as sand and carbon
  • The spiral hub, the osmosis filter, which may include charcoal and chlorine
  • A post-filter that removes of the last traces of odor or flavor before the water exits the faucet

The osmosis water filter process is fairly simple. If a part of your osmosis water filter system is not working properly, it is a safe bet it is one of the filters, which should be easy to repair or replace.