Ottoman Sleeper Conversion Made Easy

What You'll Need
Two strong arms

Converting an ottoman sleeper from a bed to a footrest and vice versa is easy to do. An ottoman sleeper is a good furniture piece to have for small sleeping areas like apartments and dorms. The ottoman sleeper provides a second bed for an unexpected guest or a primary bed for a studio apartment dweller. The additional advantage of an ottoman sleeper is that it costs much less than a full sleeper sofa.

Step 1 – Converting an Ottoman into a Bed
You will need to move any objects that are near the area in which you want to unfold the ottoman, such as coffee tables, bookshelves, and whatever else may be in the way. Once the space has been cleared, remove the top of the ottoman (which may also open on a hinge). There will normally be a handle that you reach down and pull on to release the bed outward. Some models may require that you push down on the frame to cause it to release from the ottoman housing.

Pull the frame out toward you until it unfolds. Because of its compact size, the process of removing the frame will more than likely involve 3 or 4 steps. When you completely unfold the frame and mattress, secure any corners and check to see that all locking mechanisms have been employed. If necessary, manually pull the locks down by hand.

Dress the mattress with bedding and pillows and you should be ready to enjoy sleep.

Step 2 – Converting the Ottoman Bed into an Ottoman
When you are done using the ottoman bed, remove all bedding and pillows from the mattress. With some models, you will need to fold the top and bottom end in to the middle before returning the ottoman to the housing. Other models may require that you disengage any locking hinges prior to folding the frame. Either way, as soon as the bed is unlocked the frame will fold up in a manner similar to folding towels. Push the frame assemble and mattress in to the ottoman housing and pull the lid down. You can move the ottoman back into its original place in the area. Return any furniture or objects that were moved to make room for the ottoman bed back to their original places.

An ottoman bed is a unique and useful invention. It is compact and can be used in any size space. It provides additional sleeping space and is easy to use and maintain.