Ottoman Upholstery Explained

What You'll Need
Hammer (or tack gun, optional)

Upholstering or reupholstering an ottoman is a project you can take on yourself with a little advice, a few tools and some nice fabric. An ottoman upholstery project can be done in a day and the results will last for years to come.

1–Choose Fabric
When you decide to upholster and ottoman, the first step is to choose the fabric. Pick a durable fabric that matches your chair as well as the room's general décor. Before cutting the fabric, take the measurements of the ottoman and add at least 3 inches extra in each direction. This will allow for folding the fabric over itself in corners to tack the fabric in place.

2–Add the Padding
You'll want to have a layer of padding between your fabric and the ottoman. Some people like to glue the padding into place while others prefer to tack it. Still others simply leave the padding loose, knowing that the fabric, when tacked into place, will keep it taut. Be sure to only add the necessary amount of padding; too much padding could make it difficult to manipulate the fabric over the ottoman.

3–Tack the Top Fabric in Place

Measuring out the center point of the fabric, place it on the ottoman. At this point, you need to tack the fabric to the ottoman. If you want a cleaner look, this step is optional. But if you want to make sure the fabric is taut and wrinkle-free, tack the fabric to all four corners of the ottoman.

4–Tack Ottoman
Now, flip the ottoman over, laying the fabric flat on the floor. This will allow you to pull the fabric taut and tack it on the bottom. Tack each side multiple times to ensure that it is secure. Folding the fabric at the corners will give you four clean, crisp corners on the sides of the ottoman itself.

Upholstering your own ottoman is a great way to restore an old piece of furniture or to update the look of your room. While upholstering an ottoman is not difficult, take your time attending to details for professional-looking results.