Outdoor Bar Themes and Decorations Outdoor Bar Themes and Decorations

An outdoor bar provides a great opportunity to extend the social space in a home, and as these areas are primarily aimed at leisure use, homeowners can style them in a fun and interesting way that may not be appropriate for indoor areas of their home. Depending on your taste and location there are a range of different style you may wish to consider. 

The Tropical Outdoor Bar

For homes located in warmer climates, a tropical theme is a natural choice of décor for an outdoor bar. Common ways to achieve a tropical feel in an outdoor bar area include the use of reed panels as a bar frontage, creating that beachside feel. Bar accessories for a tropical bar may include coconut or palm inspired ice buckets and serving sets, while the use of hammocks and palm frond umbrellas will enhance the tropical ambience. A sand floor area can help guests imagine themselves in a tropical locale, and the addition of potted palms and other tropical vegetation helps enhance the overall effect.

The Mountain Lodge Outdoor Bar 

If your home is located in an area where snow is likely, creating an outdoor bar that emulates the atmosphere of mountain resorts and ski locations can be a fun approach. Using wood paneling to create a chalet theme is a great approach to this type of outdoor bar design, while soft furnishings in covered areas can add to the après-ski feel of the area. A fondue set for sweet or savory snacking can enhance the authenticity while mountain or winter sports prints help to clarify the design and bring the concept together. An outdoor heater such as a patio heater is a must for a mountain inspired outdoor bar as this area will truly come into its own when the snow falls. For those with a bigger budget a hot tub can add an extra level of luxury. 

The Minimalist Outdoor Bar 

For fans of clean lines and modern design, a minimalist outdoor bar may be the way to go. Choose weatherproofed stainless steel finishes for the bar area and, if building, consider the possibility of glass tile and recessed lighting for a really slick finish. Unembellished metal-framed furnishings work well in this style with classic modern-design bar accessories a must. 

The Pub-Style Outdoor Bar

Creating an outdoor bar in the style of a British or Irish Pub can be a great talking point, when people come to call. Choose dark wood for the bar and seating or tables. Accessorize with removable cushions in plush fabrics – burgundy or green velvet work well, but remember to store inside when not in use.  Install hand pulled ale pumps behind the bar and accessorize with dimple glass pint pots or pewter tankards for a real authentic feel. The addition of beer mats bearing the emblems of iconic British and Irish drinks can help complete the look, with these (and other brewery-related items) available at a reasonable price from internet auction sites.

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