Outdoor Brick Fireplace Design Ideas Outdoor Brick Fireplace Design Ideas

Enjoy this coming fall or winter by either building your own outdoor brick fireplace, having someone build it for you, or purchasing a kit to build it. Either way, why not enjoy your backyard and garden into the fall and winter season, and cozy up to the tranquil and radiant heat of an outdoor fireplace? These outdoor additions are much less expensive and easier than you think to build. This wonderful addition to your home will provide you with warm nights, star gazing and an extended barbecuing season.

Location is Essential

As in real estate, location is everything. You want to insure that your outdoor fireplace is not too far from your back door, not too close to trees or shrubbery, and convenient for you and guests to gather around on chilly evenings. Modern outdoor brick fireplaces are as popular today as they were hundreds of years ago, but be sure of your location before placing this immovable structure, as you will not be able to easily move it like a couch or piece of furniture.

Materials and Designs

The most obvious design is to use bricks for your outdoor fireplace, but you can augment this with stone, cast iron and stainless steel. Bricks are able to retain heat without burning out and are most widely used to create outdoor fireplaces that are very sturdy, charming and useful. Bricks can also be treated to resist grease and oil from cooking, or soot from burning natural woods such as oak or pine. You can also purchase decorative or used bricks to create your own unusual and unique designs. Stucco is also a unique design feature used to partially cover bricks giving a southwestern, traditional look to outdoor fireplaces.

Almost all outdoor fireplaces will need a chimney and as such will also need a chimney cap to prevent sparks and cinders from escaping from the chimney. A chimney cap will also prevent rain water from entering the chimney, and birds from nesting in it. You can build a brick fireplace and clad it with inexpensive Sheetrock or limestone to give it an elegant look. Additionally, the use of cast or cut stone, tile or marble, all of which are impervious to weather, are all good materials to consider when designing and building this addition to your outdoor garden or backyard.

Additional design features to consider

A stone masonry fireplace, where stones are piled one upon another and secured with mortar can be a natural fireplace structure which adds a very rustic and outdoor look to your fireplace. Building your fireplace with a squared or arched fire box can add a unique design feature to your structure. Building either an outdoor charcoal or gas barbecue into your outdoor brick fireplace will add cooking enjoyment to a heated outdoor area to be shared with friends and family in the coming fall and winter evenings. Alternatively, a removable grate for wood or cooking will enable you to use your outdoor brick fireplace for a combination of cooking or heating.


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