Outdoor Cat House Design Ideas

A cat outside.

An outdoor cat house is not just a cage. Your cat needs more freedom than you can imagine. Outdoor cat houses have now evolved to give the cat all the freedom it needs, while providing it with adequate security. Let us have a look at a few cat house design ideas.

Cat Nets

These nets are great ideas to prevent your cats from running out onto the roads and getting themselves injured, or worse, killed. You can have can nets all around your yard, patio, or on the side of the house where you have a cat kennel. You can fix the nets yourself (since it is an easy process) or you can get professionals to do it for you.

Cat Runs

Cats are creatures that cannot sit in one place for a long time. They need to be able to move about the yard and constantly explore it. The cat run is the right option to give your cat the freedom of movement, and it also gives the satisfaction of knowing your pet is safe.

Off the Ground Cat House

Cats do not like sitting on the ground. They always like to be in an elevated place. A cat house built slightly above the ground is a good idea. By building the cat house slightly above the ground level, you can also be assured the cat will be safe from predators and any potential harm.

Cat Trees

Having a cat tree near the cat kennel is another bright idea. This is especially useful if your cat house is not on the ground level. Cats love scratching and climbing, and the cat tree gives them the means to fulfill their desires.