Outdoor Concrete Countertop Design Ideas Outdoor Concrete Countertop Design Ideas

Adding a concrete countertop to your outdoor area is a great way to add style and functionality to what would just be empty space. Making it into more than just a slab of concrete, now that’s a different story. My goal in this guide is to give you a few different ideas on how to add some uniqueness to your outdoor concrete countertop during the design process. Using any one of these fairly easy ideas will add value, beauty and originality to your countertop. Whether you’re having it professionally done or doing it yourself, the ideas presented in this guide will be easy enough for anybody to do, with the right tools.

Adding Color

Color is a great way to liven up any concrete countertop. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever for the average person to add the color themselves. The two main types of stain used are acid based and water based. Acid based stain produces an earthier and more subtle look that bonds itself into the concrete, meaning it’s there for good. One of my favorite things about acid based stain is that it reacts differently to every different slab of concrete, resulting in one color of dye producing subtly different colors or shades on two different pieces of concrete. Water based stain also bonds with the concrete for longevity, but it’s a more uniform process, producing more uniform results than acid based stain. One of the advantages to water based stains is that they’re often easier and safer to apply considering they do not have any acids in them.


Another great and cheap way to improve any concrete countertop is to personalize it with imprints. Leaves are commonly used, as they accent the earthy concrete well and look amazingly beautiful once the concrete has dried. You could also create a cardboard cut-out of some unique symbol or shape that you think would look nice imprinted into your countertop. The actual process of doing the imprints is simple. Just gently press whatever you’re trying to imprint into the wet concrete before it has time to dry. After the shape is firmly imprinted into the concrete, carefully remove the object and wait for the concrete to dry. Your finished product should be a personalized work of art on your countertop that will spark conversation every time.

Imprinting Glass

This is the most difficult thing on this list, but also my most favorite. It’s still not really difficult-you just have to know what you’re doing. You're laying glass shards out in wet cement before using a wooden float to firmly set them into the concrete. After that, you’ll go over with a trowel to further set the glass into the concrete. After it has set for a week or two you’ll have to go at it with a heavy duty sander with diamond impregnated sand paper. I recommend wet sanding so as to not kick up tons of dirt and dust and tiny glass shards.

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