Outdoor Deep Fryers

During the holidays, more and more homeowners opt to try something new with the turkey, using one of several outdoor deep fryers available on the market to give the bird a different flavor and texture. Not only that, but outdoor, gas-fueled fryers can be taken camping or to a park for portable use. Instead of cooking with oil, use the included or optional steamer pot to prepare a large quantity of vegetables or freshly-caught seafood like lobster, clams or shrimp. 

Durable, Rugged Design

Because they are meant for outdoor use, this type of deep fryer features a rugged design consisting of a welded steel frame and a heavy-duty burner mechanism, usually made of cast iron. Sitting on top of the burner is large aluminum or stainless steel stockpot. These come as large as 32 quarts in capacity. The burner features a 10 psi gas pressure regulator and a durable gas line that may be braided with stainless steel. Simply connect the line to a propane tank, set the pressure and start frying, boiling or steaming. 

Stockpot and Accessories

The large stockpot can be filled with cooking oil or water, depending on the type of cooking one intends to do. Accessories necessary to successful outdoor deep frying or steaming include a vented lid, perforated poultry rack and stand, steam basket, stainless steel thermometer, grab hook and baster/injector. Outdoor deep fryers from King Kooker, Bayou Classic and more cost anywhere from $75 to $350.