Outdoor DIYs that Take Less than an Hour

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Outdoor projects have a big impact on your yard, but sometimes the idea of completing one can be daunting. You likely don’t always want to devote the entirety of your weekend to working outside. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you can’t still complete projects in your yard that jazz it up a bit, even if you’re short on time. Below are a range of outdoor DIY ideas that will enhance your exterior space without taking up too many of your precious relaxation minutes.

Edge a Walkway

If you’re looking for a way to easily and cheaply edge your garden, while upcycling some used items, this is the project for you. Collect empty wine bottles and use adhesive remover to get rid of the labels. Turn these upside down, and use them to artfully line the edge of your walkway or garden. Dig the mouth of the bottles into the dirt, pushing each one down until it feels secure. Alternate the colors for an eccentric and interesting look.

A neatly trimmed, curved yard edge by a driveway with gravel in between.

Install a Toolbox

Working in your garden and having to go back and forth to your garage for tools can be an irksome situation. To avoid this inconvenience, perform a simple outdoor DIY that will make gardening much easier. Simply get a rectangular mailbox, the kind usually affixed to the side of a house, and install it on the side of your raised-bed garden to stash tools and gardening gloves for easy access. If you want something a bit more decorative, reach for some spray paint or Mod Podge to add color and flair.

Build a Bird Feeder

An easy way to attract flying critters to your yard is to install a bird feeder. Find a teacup and saucer set, hot glue, and a piece of ribbon, then turn the teacup on its side and glue it to the saucer that way. Once it dries, fill the cup with bird food so it looks like it’s spilling onto the saucer. Then loop the ribbon through the teacup handle and hang this new feeder wherever you desire. Keep putting out seeds and pretty birds will flock to your yard!

Pallet Flower Display

If you have an old, unused pallet, spruce up the surface as needed with stain or spray paint, then stand it on its side. This is a great item to place in a corner or along a wall and fill will small potted plants like flowers, herbs, or succulents. Add plants in varying sizes and shapes to give this display a unique aesthetic. This is a flexible addition to your yard design, as it’s easy to swap items seasonally—from pinecones and pumpkins in the fall to mistletoe plants in the winter.

Brighten Up a Fence

If a boring old fence borders your yard, you can easily jazz it up in no time at all. Simply drill holes sporadically around the fence. Once that’s done, fill each hole with a colorful marble. It’s as easy as that! When the sun shines onto your fence, these marbles will reflect the light and look like they’re glowing.

Colorful marbles in a bag

Homemade Hopscotch

If you have kiddos around that love playing outside, they might enjoy a homemade hopscotch board. This can be made using painted pavers. Spray paint the tops of these pavers in different colors. Maybe even go with a rainbow theme! Then, use a foam brush to paint the numbers onto each paver over the colored top. Let them dry, then arrange them as you wish and you’ll have a fun way for your kids to play.

DIY Lanterns

Especially when you’re enjoying your backyard in the summer, you’ll want to have some way to illuminate the evenings. Making your own lanterns with old tin cans is easy, and the finished products look great. Start by gathering your cans and spray painting them in whatever color or colors you like. Once that’s done and they’re dry, drill holes in them. These can be random or in interesting patterns. Once that’s done, place a battery operated light in each of these and hang them off trees, hooks, or railings for some safe, cute, and functional light.