Outdoor Fireplace Cooking: Safety Tips Outdoor Fireplace Cooking: Safety Tips

Outdoor fireplace cooking provides a great way to cook outdoors for your guests and family. Although this form of outdoor cooking is simple to get started, there are some key safety tips to follow when cooking with your outdoor fireplace.

1.    Find a Secure Location for Your Fireplace

  • The outdoor fireplace should always be located in an area that is level and away from the house or other buildings. The surface that the fireplace is located upon should be fireproof for maximum protection. For example, a concrete pad would be perfect for an outdoor fireplace location.

2.    Never Leave a Fire Unattended

  • You should never leave a fire unattended when using the outdoor fireplace for cooking, or any other time for that matter. Unexpected winds or other event could cause the fire to spread if not observed carefully. In addition, always have a fire extinguisher handy when you are cooking on the outdoor fireplace.

3.    Keep Children Away

  • Keep children away when cooking in the fireplace. Not only is it a safety hazard to them, but they also can distract you from the task at hand. Have someone else to keep an eye on the kids when you are doing the cooking. This will allow you to entirely focus on cooking in the fireplace.

4.    Always Clean the Cooking Surface

  • Always make sure the cooking surface on your fireplace is clean before you use it. Grease and debris left over from past cookouts is a fire hazard and can become problematic.

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