Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas Worth Considering

Choosing an outdoor fireplace design is pretty much the same as choosing the design for the fireplace inside the house. You have to have the house design in mind, the surrounding area and of course the budget.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Generally speaking, you will find that there are two types of outdoor fireplaces. Of these two different types, one will burn gas while the other is a wood burner. With the gas type, they fire up easily, and in many cases you can even get one with a remote to light it from short distances! It is from these two types that you will choose your fireplace design.


There are several things you will want to consider when researching outdoor fireplace designs:

  • where the outdoor fireplace will be located
  • space available
  • home style
  • how often you will use the area and how it will actually be used
  • is the area covered or exposed
  • your Budget

Design Ideas

Not all designs will be appropriate for all situations. Some should be considered only for new construction while most will be appropriate for any location where there is ample space. In any event, these outdoor fireplace designs are worthy of consideration when you have made the decision that one is going to be installed.

  • Back to back with an indoor fireplace – If house design plans and outdoor layouts allow for it, one consideration is an outdoor fireplace that backs with one inside the house. It can be completed during construction and while they will have separate flues, they will share the same chimney.
  • Pre-fabricated outdoor fireplace kits are another consideration you may want to think about. These come ready to assemble with all the necessary fire rock, and can be installed by anyone that has a few basic construction skills. Once they are fully assembled, you can use any type of outside appearance such as stucco or brick, or even stones.
  • Porch – if the area under your deck or porch is a suitable area, you can finish the area as a patio and build the outdoor fireplace there. It would end up being like an outdoor room and this is one outdoor fireplace design that can make for a cozy and romantic area to entertain.
  • Outdoor Room – If space allows, you can build a covered area outside, sort of like a gazebo along with a fireplace. Again, this is an outdoor fireplace design that can make a cozy place to sit when entertaining. Many people build these, and use the area specifically for cooking out and entertaining family and friends. The area can be wired with electricity to allow for day or nighttime entertaining.

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