Outdoor Flooring Options for Your Patio

There are various kinds of outdoor flooring options to choose from. Your patio deserves to have a flooring that is both decorative and practical. Here are some flooring ideas for your patio:


Concrete is usually the most straightforward alternative due to its durability and need for little maintenance. It is also quite affordable. However, some may think concrete is a rather cold material, with little decorative element. This is not the case though, since nowadays concrete is available in diverse shades and textures. Stamped concrete is another innovative option that can create faux-stone effects, although this particular alternative is relatively costly.


Bricks is another flooring option. Bricks are very durable and will provide a nice rustic look to your patio. Brick is not prone to fading, but chippings and cracks could develop in time, especially if brick pavers are used. It is important to apply sealer from time to time to reduce such problems.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is very appealing, but it is not ideal for high traffic areas. It requires regular maintenance, and when compared to other flooring materials it is quite expensive.


Wood flooring creates a pleasant atmosphere; however it does require more money and regular maintenance. Teak is often used for outdoor wood flooring.

Outdoor Carpeting

There is also the option to install outdoor carpeting, made from synthetic materials that have a better resistance to outdoor conditions. It is a great decorative possibility, and it is fairly simple to install by means of adhesive. However, it will be more prone to stains and will need to be replaced within a short time-frame if not properly cared for.