Outdoor Garden Art: 5 Ideas Outdoor Garden Art: 5 Ideas

Outdoor garden art takes many forms and can be simple or complex. Here are 5 ideas you can use in your garden:

Idea 1 - Statuary

Garden sculptures can be simply decorative or they can be functional. Fountains make use of statuary as do bird baths, sun dials and copies of ancient or revered works of art.

Idea 2 - Topiary

Training trees and shrubs into abstract or recognizable shapes is a specialist art form that can be pleasing to the eye.

Idea 3 - Labyrinths

A giant maze built with hedges doesn't have to be a feature in a large estate, even a moderate sized garden can have a labyrinth. These can be built from many colored stones and decorated with tiny alpine plants. Children especially find these entrancing.

Idea 4 - Floral Displays

A beautifully laid-out flower bed can be a work of art. Using coordinated colors and graded plant heights can be a nice touch to your garden.

Idea 5 - Ornamentation

Some garden decorations can seem frivolous but who hasn’t smiled at a statue of a man driven by a windmill furiously chopping a log? Add a concrete garden bench shaped as a mushroom or a metal figure of the Jurassic sort to bring unique design and ornamentation to your garden.


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