Outdoor Oscillating Fans

Outdoor oscillating fans are rated for indoor / outdoor use and provide cool breezes on a hot days while sitting on your patio or porch. Outdoor oscillating fans may be of the pedestal variety or they may be shorter, floor or table models. With differences in finishes, styles and brands, what unifies them is their corrosion-free construction that resists the effects of air and water vapor. 


Among your brand name choices for outdoor oscillating fans are Lasko, Deco Breeze, WindChaser and Holmes. The Hunter Tripoli model is a 59-inch pedestal floor fan with a rustic bronze finish. Outdoor oscillating fans range in price under $100 to around $300 for some of the top quality domestic units. Available in antique styles as well as a more modern look, outdoor fans combine powerful motors and durable construction with decorative charm to give you a weather resistant unit perfect for hot summer days.


Outdoor oscillating fans provide 85 degrees of rotation to reach a wider area. Fans are durably built with a UV-resistant coating and are weather rated for safe use outdoors. Delivering cool breezes with a powerful 3-speed motor, outdoor fans are quiet yet effective. 

For a way to bear the heat while outdoors, consider using a portable oscillating fan on your patio, porch or other outdoor area.