Outdoor Patio Chairs That Compliment a Zen Theme

Outdoor patio chairs come in all shapes and sizes and will fit into just about any decorative theme. The Zen theme is one of simplicity and uncluttered space. To complement such a theme the furniture used should follow these guidelines:

Bean Bags

Although not a patio chair in the strictest sense of the word, bean bags are the ideal fit for Zen. The lack of organized structure and ground level attitude go very well with the Zen desire to remove distractions from every day living to enhance the sense of being. Plain white would be the best color and the bean bags should be fairly tightly packed to avoid the creation of distracting forms.


Ideal as both seats and foot stools on a patio, poufs carry the Zen theme successfully. The simple lines of a pouf will blend in with any decor because they are more disciplined than those of a bean bag. Most poufs are a simple cubical or cylindrical construction that is purely functional. A simple pouf will make little impact on the general theme.


A stool is an ideal patio chair for a Zen theme because of the open feeling engendered by the lack of a backing. In a Zen theme, stools can emphasize the air of simplicity and calm. The design of a plain wooden stool should be as simple as possible.

Deck Chairs

Plain wooden deck chairs with slatted seats and backs reflect the Zen garden. Many chairs can also serve as deck chairs because they too are built on the slatted principle with simple folds to create the chair aspect or to remove it. Zen themes are remarkable for their blandness. As far as is possible, the theme will reflect a homogeneous area with no conflicts or contrasts.

Wood Framed Chairs

Wood framed chairs with woven raffia or grass seats and backs can fit in with a Zen theme quite well. The wooden frames should be of simple unfinished timber. The woven seats and backs should reflect the Zen garden theme of lines and curves in the sand. These chairs should not have arms but that would depend upon how strictly the theme was to be carried.

Sitting Walls

Sitting walls on a patio are a type of patio chair that can be designed to fit into a Zen garden by the clever use of shape and design. A sitting wall created from simple blocks can be a pleasing addition. Sandstone is a material that not only fits in with the general theme but can also be made to fade into the background by clever positioning.