Outdoor Patio Design Ideas Outdoor Patio Design Ideas

Outdoor patio design is a hot topic. Life is stressful and hectic, so many people want to create a retreat in their homes where they can relax and unwind. The patio is a natural choice. If you are planning to build a patio in your backyard, consider the following design elements.


Patio pavers come in many different materials, textures and shapes. A very popular paver is the brick paver. Brick pavers are rich in color, and you can lay the pavers in a variety of patterns. Concrete pavers are popular as well. Concrete pavers are unique because they are available in almost any shape imaginable. Additionally, you can make your own concrete pavers for a custom patio design uniquely your own. Pavers made of natural stones such as flagstone work well with organic patio designs that flow naturally in the surroundings.

Water Features

Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of water. Incorporating a water feature into your outdoor patio design will increase the serenity of your backyard oasis. Water features, too, come in different shapes, sizes and designs. You may want something as simple as a tabletop fountain, or you might decide to add a small fishpond. Of course, there are other options. A garden fountain provides the soothing sounds of trickling water also. There are even disappearing waterfalls that offer the beauty of a waterfall without the standing water that attracts mosquitoes.

Plants and Planters

No patio is complete without plants. Plants give life and color to outdoor settings creating a miniature paradise. Use tropical plants to create an island-themed design, or use succulents for a low-maintenance desert-themed design. Consider your climate when choosing plants for your patio, and choose plants that grow well in your planting zone. You may decide to plant some of your plants directly into the ground around your patio, but others you may want to place in planters on your patio. Planters can play a large role in your overall patio design. You have the options of wooden planters, ceramic planters, metal planters and even stone planters. Mix and match materials to create a pleasing look.


Patio furniture adds the finishing touch to your outdoor patio design. Your furniture choice will depend on your tastes and your needs. If you plan to do a lot of entertaining on your patio, seating is a necessity. Whether you choose bench seating, chaise loungers or individual patio chairs, the style and material choices for each is astounding. You are certain to find options that fit your needs.  If you want a simple, cozy patio that provides solitude, you should consider adding an outdoor lounge or sofa. Some lounges even resemble beds providing the ultimate solution for outdoor comfort. Patio fire pits provide warmth on chilly evenings, so shop around for a model that works with your design.

Developing your own outdoor patio design is fun, so take the time to meditate on your choices. Create an idea book with pictures of patiodesigns you like and items you want for your patio.

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