Outdoor Shower Design Tips Outdoor Shower Design Tips

You can make your own unique outdoor shower design by modifying any design to suit your own personal tastes. Here are some tips for designing an outdoor shower.

PVC Enclosures

One simple outdoor shower enclosure uses a ring of PVC pipe made with alternating straight pieces and 45 degree couplings.

  • Make an identical shape at the bottom, and then connect the two using longer sections.
  • Hang shower curtains on the self-standing rack, and you are done.

Wooden Shower Stalls

Wooden stalls can be anything you want them to be. You can control the height of the walls, the total size of the structure, and even have the option of building up around it later. The problem with wood is that it will deteriorate over time, plus the fact that it is not portable in the way that PVC would be.

Prefabricated Stall

Another option is to purchase molded shower stalls. You may still need to build a frame, but many self-standing units are available, including wheeled units that can be disconnected and rolled out of the area. The drawback is that a unit of this type can be much more expensive.

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