Outdoor Shower Fixtures: Mistakes to Avoid Outdoor Shower Fixtures: Mistakes to Avoid

When you are installing outdoor shower fixtures, it is often good to think durability over adjustability. Similarly, it often turns out that the least expensive solution is the one that works longer and better. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when installing outdoor showers.

Plastic vs. Metal

For an outdoor shower head, you could use plastic, but you may be disappointed that they don't last very long. Instead, use a metal head. It may have fewer adjustments and settings, but it will last you for years to come.

Pipe Size

An outdoor shower faucet needs to have a large enough pipe. If your outdoor shower includes a solar water heater, it should have at least 3/4 piping, because the water will split, and a pipe that is too small won't be able to provide enough water pressure.

Shower Direction

Don't mount the shower head on a rigid shaft. make sure that it as a ball and joint similar to an indoor shower so that the user can adjust the spray for their size and preference. Nobody is expecting the outdoor shower to have a massager, but it also isn't comfortable to be stuck with a blast of water in the face.

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