Outdoor Stone Fireplace Designs Outdoor Stone Fireplace Designs

If you want to create an outdoor room for your home landscape, nothing adds style and warmth to an outside seating area like an outdoor stone fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces are becoming more and more popular as they are featured in many home living magazines and even on many television programs. An outdoor stone fireplace creates a relaxing and romantic ambient mood for couples that want to spend some quiet time away from a TV or computer, and also offers an excellent place for fireside conversations when a fire in your indoor fireplace is not possible because of the warmer temperatures of summer. When choosing a design for an outdoor stone fireplace, you will certainly have many options. You will need to choose between a natural gas and a wood burning fireplace, if you want a chimney or not and even the type of stone that will be used in your outdoor stone fireplace.

Stone Types to Consider

The most critical element in the design of your outdoor stone fireplace will be the type of stone you use in its construction. When considering various types of stones to use, you will usually have four choices:

Natural Stones - Natural stones are by far the most commonly used stones in outdoor fireplaces because of their easy availability and overall lower cost compared to other types of stones. There are a wide variety of natural stones available, and you can even mix and match the types of natural stones used in the fireplace in order to create a series of contrasting colors or even create designs or patterns in the fireplace itself.

Limestone - Because of its natural color, limestone is a popular choice for outdoor stone fireplaces as well. Limestone holds up well and offers the flexibility of matching with any type of furniture used for your outdoor seating area.

Marble - Marble is a beautiful natural stone that can be used when creating an outdoor stone fireplace. No two pieces of marble are alike and you can choose from a wide range of colors to create totally unique designs. Although marble is quite beautiful, it is also the most expensive type of stone used for fireplaces.

Granite – Granite is a wonderful option for an outdoor stone fireplace because it is so easy to clean and extremely durable. Granite requires little or no maintenance and will give your outdoor stone fireplace and aura of significance and strength.

Chimney Designs

If you choose a wood-burning outdoor stone fireplace, your local building codes and regulations will probably require the inclusion of a chimney. However, a stone chimney addition to your gas-only outdoor fireplace makes a very attractive addition while adding a lot of character and style. However, using a chimney will significantly increase the costs associated with building an outdoor stone fireplace.

Gas Only or Wood Burning

Finally, you'll need to choose between a gas only or wood burning fireplace. Wood burning stoves add a more realistic and rustic feel to the fireplace experience. However, they will require the constant gathering or purchasing of wood to be used in the fireplace. In addition, wood-burning outdoor stone fireplaces require more cleaning and maintenance than gas-only fireplaces.

Gas-only outdoor fireplaces burn a lot cleaner and are certainly easier to maintain than wood burning fireplaces. However, gas-only fireplaces will require an additional investment into gas line installations as well as increased natural gas costs when using the fireplace

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