Outdoor Sunporch Installation Basics

Installing a sunporch is a very easy way of expanding the area of your house without going through the hassle of construction and spending a lot of money. Sunporch gives you an extra place to relax and come out from the hectic life of yours. They are very easy to build and install. You can do it in just a couple of days. You can use the sunporch for many purposes and you can do many things under it. If you want to stay outside and in the open, yet stay safe from insects and other pests, sunporch is the best place to be in. It gives you a very pleasant feeling to have the morning breakfast in a sunporch with the soothing breeze and the smell of fresh air. You can also have a romantic dinner under it or have a small party to entertain your guests.


There are many types of sunporch available and are of various designs. You must also keep the budget in your mind as the price varies widely. There are sunporches available with both heating and cooling systems. If you want the sunporch for a year round use then you must consider them. The material and the framing also varies, some have extra night latches with dual locking system for giving you extra security. So you must clearly have in your mind the purpose of its use and then proceed with the installation accordingly.

Measurement and Preparation

After the basic planning is done, next you must find a suitable place where you want to install it. Measure the width and length of the place properly where you want to install the sunporch. After taking down the dimensions properly go to the market and buy the frame and the material of the sunporch. In many places installing a sun porch requires a permit from the local authorities. You must have it ready before proceeding with the installation.


A sunporch requires a firm and solid ground as its base. If you already have one then you do not need to worry about this, otherwise you must build a solid ground over the place where you want to install the sunporch. You can use concrete or cheap construction lumber for building this sub-floor. Next following the perimeter of this sub-floor install the frames properly and fix them with wood screws. For the roof you can have two options. First you need to construct the roof frame and then you can either install a sun screen or you can fix plywood boards with the roof frame. You must also use proper waterproofing material for making the roof and the rest of the sunporch water proof.

Completing the Installation

You must paint both the exterior and the interior, of the sunporch with a proper waterproofing paint. This increases the life span of the sunporch and also protects it from weather change. Lastly install the windows and once the porch is properly enclosed, you are done with it.