Outdoor Wedding Table Decorations and Centerpieces Outdoor Wedding Table Decorations and Centerpieces

Each to his own when it comes to personal style and the same goes for wedding table decorations. It is pointless getting someone to plan your wedding and set the theme, when you have a completely different opinion of what looks nice and what is just plain hideous.  Here are some ideas that might help you decide on how to decorate your big day if you’re having an outdoor wedding.

Glass Ornaments

For an outdoor wedding, especially if set in the late Spring and early Summer months, glass ornaments make great centerpieces as they catch the sun rays, forming great patterns on the tablecloth. Glass comes in all shapes and hues nowadays, so finding the right ornament to match your color scheme will be the last of your problems. The only downside would be if you cannot find a supplier that could supply the amount of ornaments needed for your tables, especially if they all need to be the same.

Metal Sculptures

If your tastes are more on the contemporary side, why not use some wrought-iron sculptures. You could find an artist and commission him to make the decorations especially for your wedding. In this way you can be sure that they are going to be unique and original. You could also go for stainless steel. The main drawback to this metal is that every finger print will show up. So unless you can ensure that you have a really good polisher and that your guests will keep their hands to themselves, it would be a risky choice as the sun would pick up all the defects.


Whether you intend to use fresh flowers or just ornamental, the burst of color that flowers bring will be sure to impress your guests.  When choosing which flowers to use, always keep in mind that fresh flowers are much more expensive. All the more if they are out of season, since they need to be imported. Therefore try to chose a flower that will be in season at the time of your wedding, and look around before committing to a specific supplier as you will be surprised by how much their prices will vary.


For an outdoor wedding, try to steer clear of candles as it is inevitable that they will get blown out by the wind, and it’s too much of a hassle to relight them every time they die out – you’re main objective is to enjoy your big day together with your significant other, rather than be worried and fussing around the candles.

Make sure you make all these decisions well in time before the wedding, so that it is a less stressful process, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy the process of preparing such a big occasion, and also the big day itself.  You are the most important being on the day, along with your partner, so leave all the extra details up the family and friends.

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