Oven Door Glass Replacement Instructions

What You'll Need
Replacement glass
Plastic Tarp (optional- if existing pane is broken this will help to catch debris)

Replacing your oven door glass is a very simple task that requires few tools. Just follow these directions and your glass will be installed pronto!

1. Start by removing the screws found in the brackets on the inside of the glass oven door. Place the brackets and screws aside so you won’t lose them
2. Most newer ovens have the glass secured in a manner similar to a picture frame. You should find a few metal tabs that are holding the glass in place. Just pull the tabs back.
3. Slowly and gently remove the glass from the door. If the pane is broken you will need to take special precaution to ensure glass shards don’t fall in to the oven itself.
4. Modern ovens will have several, usually three, panes of glass in the door. You will need to pull the metal tabs back for each pane.
5. Place the new glass in, push the tabs back in to place.
6. Replace the brackets and screws.

The whole project should take less than an hour, and you will have brand new glass in your oven door. Simple!

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