Oven Door Repair Tips

Fixing an oven door can range from a simple do it yourself job, to something a professional needs to be called for. Follow these tips to fund out what kind of oven door repair you have.

Gasket Repair

One of the most common problems an over door faces is a bad gasket. If your oven won’t heat to the desired temperature this is the easiest solution. When the oven is on, simply run your hand around the sides of the door. If you feel heat escaping, then chances are pretty good it’s the gasket that needs replacing. Depending on the type of oven, this may be a simple job.


A cracked or broken glass pane can lead to serious problems later on. It can allow heat to escape, causing the oven to not heat properly. It can shatter leaving glass all over your kitchen or inside your oven. Replacing the glass in an oven door is usually something very easy to fix.

Hardware or Brackets

If you need to replace some hinges, or a door handle, you can do this relatively quickly. The best thing to do is look up the model of your oven, and find the parts that are needed that way. With so many different models available, there are many different hinges, handles, and other hardware. The repair will usually only require the new hardware and a screwdriver.