Overflow Drain Tube Replacement

What You'll Need
Channel locks
Phillips screwdriver
Pipe cutter or plastic cutting saw
Overflow pipe
Silicone caulk

Plumbing is made easier with the invention of plastic piping, and replacing your overflow drain is one of the jobs that is made simpler with such invention. Blockage in your drainage system is a hassle and needs urgent replacement. Listed below is a step by step guide on how to replace your overflow drain tube without a hassle, saving you money and time.

Step 1 – Purchase the Materials You Will Need

When going to the hardware store, you need to make sure that all parts and materials you will use are of the right size and the right material. There are many types of pipe available in the market so be sure that you are getting materials that can be easily cut without needing to rent or borrow power tools from neighbors.

Step 2 – Get Access to the Overflow Tube

Look for a perfect access to the side of the overflow tube location because its location is sometimes hidden behind a wall, or under the sink or the tub, whichever you are fixing. Make a door that will be your access so that the next time you do this process, you do not need to tear up the concrete all the time. Another thing is that once you have access to the overflow, do not create a big hole because it will make your project harder to fix later on.

Step 3 – Remove the Old Overflow

Use your wrench to remove the old overflow and check what causes the damage. If you see the drain pipes unattached to the pipe line, you may just do so. However, if the pipe requires replacing, you should replace it along with the overflow tube.

Step 4 – Place the New One

The instruction on how to install your new overflow tube should be written in your user guide or instruction manual along with the new unit. But basically, you need to start installing the new piping, wrapping it with Teflon tape before attaching it to the pipe line and then screwing the bolts to hold it in place. Sometimes you need to cut the pipes to get the right measurement from the tub or the sink to the piping.

Step 5 – Place the Drain Basket

Use a silicone caulk to secure the drain basket in place. Apply generous amount of the silicon at the rubber gasket as well and then attach them together. This process will help keep the drain basket and gasket together longer. When screwing the drain basket into the rubber gasket, you need to be a bit careful and not over tighten the screws. Use a pair of pliers to screw them together.

Step 6 – Check for Any Leaks

Fill the tub or the sink with water until almost full and check if there are any leaks.