Overhead Garage Door Panel Replacement Basics Overhead Garage Door Panel Replacement Basics

Garage doors get damaged like all mechanical devices that are used daily and door panel replacement is cheaper than replacing the entire door.

Sectional Doors

There are few garage door designs and sectional doors are the most commonly used at the moment. They are automated and retract with each panel folding on top of the others and rolling up on a track. Composed of sections that are attached to the frame by hinges, they are easy to repair as each section can be removed and replaced individually.

Maintenance and Damage

Lack of maintenance is the main reason why major repairs are needed. By replacing the old panel, and checking the tracks, roller, springs and motor regularly, you will prevent a major expensive overhaul.

You could have crashed into the door or bashed it while moving furniture into the garage and it simply needs a new panel. The sections also pick up debris as they roll up and down and can get stuck and warped due to this. Ensure that you purchase the correct panel from the manufacturer of your model of door.

Replacing the Panel

Turn-off the garage door opener first. Lever the door open to release the pressure on the springs and remove them. Close the garage door.

Using a ratchet, loosen the bolts that attach the door panel to the next panel and the track rollers. Push the top panel out of your way and remove the damaged panel.

Place the new panel and fasten the bolts of the bottom hinges and rollers. Replace the panel above and tighten it.

Lift the door again and put the springs back into place.

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