Overhead Garage Storage Options

The overwhelming feeling that comes from walking into a jam-packed garage can be alleviated with a few cost-effective overhead garage storage ideas. These simple solutions can give you more space, less clutter, and the ability to find what you need in an instant.

Idea Number One – Easy Installation Shelves
There are many brands of shelves that are inexpensive and hardy. By putting shelves on the walls, you create easily accessible space for many items in the garage.

Idea Number Two – Plastic Tubs
Heavy-duty plastic tubs are available in many different sizes and colors, and they are a great way to organize in the garage. Labeling and separating your clutter into tubs is an easy method to find something in an instant.

Idea Number Three – Hanging Wall Racks

Wall racks are available for many items including bicycles, cleaning equipment, and tools. This inexpensive fix gets many unwieldy items off the floor quickly.

Idea Number Four - Ceiling Storage
Like wall racks and shelving, this method uses the peripheral space of the garage to organize and store. Many ceiling racks are easy to install and make perfect storage spaces for larger items like outdoor equipment and camping supplies.

Idea Number Five – Safety Locking
Dangerous items like chain saws, pesticides, and sharp tools can be locked inside specially designed wire or metal containers. While these are more expensive than some other ideas, the benefits of keeping these kinds of items separate from the rest of the garage are priceless.