Own a Sailboat? Charter It for Profit Own a Sailboat? Charter It for Profit

If you own a sailboat, you can create a sailboat charter service to help offset some of the costs associated with boat ownership. Of course, a number of factors will influence how successful you are in chartering your boat.

Sailboat Charter and Your Location

Where you live will influence how likely you are to charter your boat. If you live in a subtropical region, surrounded by beautiful sailing waters and frequently visited by vacationers, you can expect to charter your boat often. On the other hand, if you live in a northerly climate that experiences fewer fair days, you probably won't charter your boat as often.

Boat Condition and Safety

Wherever you live, you will have to keep your boat in tip-top condition, provide all the required safety equipment, and insure the boat and yourself against liability. Make sure the part-time operators abide by all Coast Guard regulations.

Sailboat charter may help defray some of the costs of owning a sailboat. Especially if you can't use the boat as much as you’d like, consider renting it out.

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