Paint a Concrete Deck in 5 Steps

painting concrete

Your concrete deck, so fresh and white when poured, will quickly dull to a drab light grey as leaf mold, acid rain damage, spills and spots exact their toll on it. Specialized concrete deck paint will stay free from blisters and cracks because it breathes as the concrete expands and and contracts. Most of these paints contain a roughener for a non-slip finish when the deck is wet. Choose a partly cloudy spring weekend to clean and paint, so your deck is ready for summer entertaining.

Step 1 - Gather Tools and Supplies

To paint your concrete deck, you will need concrete paint for decks and patios, masonry sealant combined with primer, a clear sealant to apply after painting, and several rollers: one with a fine nap for the clear sealant and a long roller handle. To add more texture to the surface you can paint with a rag-roller, available where you buy the other supplies.

Estimate 1 gallon of each of the sealants for every 50 square feet of deck. Buy enough concrete paint to cover 35 square feet with a gallon. For cleaning, have a wide shop broom, a trash bag, a hand whisk broom, bucket for soapy water, and a garden hose ready.

Step 2 - Clean the Concrete Deck Thoroughly

Sweep the deck with the shop broom and put the sweepings in the trash. Use the hand whisk broom to clear out any crevices. Wash the deck with a grease-cutting soap and water. Scrub grease splatters found on concrete decks near the grill.

Rinse completely with the garden hose, then allow it to dry and sweep again to clear leaves and lawn debris.

Step 3 - Apply Sealant and Primer

Pour a plate-sized pool of the masonry sealant and primer onto the deck. Do not use a paint tray. Use a plain-textured roller on the long handle to spread it evenly over just a few square feet at a time.

Work in adjacent sections, starting at the farthest corner from the exit off your deck and moving steadily toward it. Avoid painting yourself in. The sealant must dry for several hours before you can paint.

Step 4 - Put on the Concrete Paint

Concrete deck paint can be poured on or applied from a large paint tray. Coat the plain finish roller or rag-roller generously with the paint and cover a small area starting from the farthest point away from the exit. Use plenty of paint so there is no need for a second coat.

The rag-roller will create a finish that resembles rough stone tiles. Use the same application pattern that you used for the sealant/primer blend. Paint will need at least 24 hours to dry completely.

Step 5 - Add the Final Layer - Clear Sealant

Tip the clear sealant in a small pool directly onto the deck. Spread with a fine-nap roller to make a thin coat, following the method you used for the sealant and paint application.

Allow drying time as specified on the container. Bring out the grill, set up the patio furniture and have a party to show off your beautiful "new" concrete deck.