Paint a Concrete Porch: 3 Tips

Learning how to paint concrete porch can be easier than you think. By following 3 simple tips, you can have that unappealing concrete porch looking welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Check the weather

Be sure to check the weather before embarking on your porch-painting. You do not want to start painting simply because you know it's not going to rain. Also check for wind conditions, as wind can seriously affect the pace and quality of your work. Make sure the weather is calm, and then sweep off your porch or use a hose to have a nice, clean canvas.

2. Staying edgy

Start with the edges, just as you could if you were painting an interior wall. You will be using an oil-based paint, so apply it thickly. Keep in mind that people will be walking on your hard work, so you want to apply a thick coat first around the edges, then in the middle. Painting a porch has its benefits, the biggest of which is that you don't have to worry about spilling the paint.

3. Practice makes perfect

Think of your first coat as practice. No matter how good you did or how perfect your porch looks, consider it a first round. Now it's time to continue your work. Let the coat dry, and apply a second coat.