How to Paint Ceiling Tiles in 3 Steps

paint ceiling tiles
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 80-120
What You'll Need
Latex primer
4 foam rollers
2 paint trays
1 cutting paint brush

You can paint ceiling tiles if they become too stained to clean, or if you want to change the color. Follow these 3 steps to paint ceiling tiles.

Step 1 - Start Fresh

Start by washing the ceiling with a light bleach and water mix. Spray lightly and then wipe. Doing so will remove any film on the tile and allow the paint to adhere better.

WARNING: read the bleach container's label for safety instructions while using it. At minimum, you'll want to wear gloves and old clothes and check the room to make sure it has proper ventilation.

Step 2 - Remove the Tiles

To paint ceiling tiles, first remove them from the ceiling. Place them on a tarp on a flat surface.

Step 3 - Paint Ceiling Tiles

When you paint ceiling tiles you can expect them to soak up a lot of paint. The primer is designed to reduce the amount of absorption, but be prepared to apply several coats of primer.

Use your roller to apply the paint. Choose an eggshell or flat finish to reduce reflection. You need to keep the tiles flat until they are completely dry. Otherwise, they will warp.