Paint Finish Paint Finish

Old and worn furniture can be given new life with the proper paint finish. Whether you decide to do a detailed faux paint finish or a very plain solid hard paint finish, you are sure it will look better than it did before you started.

Types of Paint Finish

A faux paint finish can transform a piece into a work of art. An imitation marble paint finish can make an old beaten up table look lavish. A simple rag rolled paint finish can transform a chest of drawers you thought was ready for the trash into a chic dream piece. There are tons of books available as well as web sites with loads of ideas and techniques for all sorts of faux paint finishes.

If you don’t want any sort of texture, then chances are you want a paint finish that is solid and durable. One of the most important aspects of creating a professional looking paint finish is to be sure and prepare your surface properly. Don’t skip the primer step if you want your paint finish to look great and last for years. For the most durable finish, spend a little extra and use epoxy paint.

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